Christiana Care Health SysytemICD-10

September 17, 2015

Ten to 10

Week 2

A new process for CDI/Coding queries was rolled out on September 14th to make it easier for providers to respond to and sign eQueries from the Message Center.

What do I need to know? 

  • Queries initiated prior to September 14, 2015, will still be in the Reminder section of the Message Center.
  • New queries will appear in the Documents to Sign area of the Message Center inbox.  eQueries will also be shown in the Chart Completion grid on the Physician Portal.
  • Entering your response and signing the eQuery document will remove it from the Message Center Inbox and fulfill your documentation requirement.
  • Contact the CDI or coding professional who sent you the query if you need assistance. The sender’s name and contact information is located at the bottom of the eQuery document.
  • An eQuery job aid is available for additional reference.

What do I need to do?

  • Respond to any outstanding reminders initiated prior to September 14, 2015 following the old process.
  • Look for queries in the Documents to Sign area of the Message Center inbox where the subject begins with “Documentation Clarification.”
  • Review query, modify the query with your reponse, and then sign the query.
  • Respond within 48 hours

ICD-10 Fact

The first character of an ICD-10-PCS (procedure) code can be either alpha or numeric.

For more information click on the ICD-10 link on the Portal or  call the ICD-10 Team 302-327-7610.

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